Our Best Customer Service Tips and Strategies

Here’s our best customer service tips and strategies that will help your business or organization provide “kick-ass customer service.” Of course, you can always subscribe to our FREE KickAss Customer Service Tips and Strategies Newsletter.

Accountability in Customer Service: Three Examples

Check out our live, online customer service training: 100% Engaging, 100% Practical, and 0% Boring.Learn More These three examples of accountability in customer service illustrate how to remain accountable to your external and internal customers. An important goal of customer…

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What to do when Customers Break Rules

What should your business do when customers break rules? Some time ago, we stayed at one of our favorite places: the Ramada Hotel & Suites in Sioux Falls. Although the hotel’s indoor water park attracts most guests to the hotel,…

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“Amp Up” your Customer Service Attitude

“Amping up” your customer service attitude will make miserable Monday mornings a thing of the past! Let us share a secret that nobody wants to acknowledge, at least publicly, and especially in the presence of one’s boss: Not everyone arrives to…

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About those Dead Fish in your Tank

Do you have any dead fish polluting your business? Last year, a colleague and I decided to meet for lunch at a local restaurant. The restaurant attracts a sizable lunch crowd, and both of us had enjoyed eating there before…

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About KickAss Customer Service

Our purpose at KickAss Customer Service is to help your business or organization provide “kick-ass customer service.” We define “kick-ass customer service” as customer service that is not only exceptionally amazing, but also radically over-the-top.

But let’s be honest: Although most businesses and organizations claim to provide superior customer service, the vast majority of those businesses and organizations deliver — at best — only mediocre customer service. Shocking? Not really, because providing kick-ass customer service is hard work. Really hard work.

At KickAss Customer Service, we know that your business or organization — regardless of its size and its industry — has the potential to provide kick-ass customer service, and that’s what motivates us.

Here’s How We Can Help Your Business or Organization beyond Sharing our Best Customer Service Tips & Strategies

Let us prove how we can help transform your business or organization into a customer service powerhouse.


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We provide keynote presentations focused on customer service. Our keynote presentations are perfect for employee in-services, workplace retreats, and other organizational training events. Our keynote presentations are 100% engaging, 100% practical, and 0% boring. We’ll even work with your business or organization to customize the presentation for its particular needs.


We provide customer service training for businesses and organizations, and we customize our training to meet the particular needs of your business or organization. Like our keynote presentations, our customer service training is 100% engaging, 100% practical, and 0% boring. We offer both onsite and online training options with unlimited participants.

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Contacting us is not only simple, but also painless. And by “painless” we mean hassle-free and not annoying.

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